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Winter Feed Boards are Here!

Winter Feed Boards are Here!

Posted by Kimberly on Oct 14th 2020

Dogwood Ridge Bees is proud to present our Winter Feed Boards.  Our feed boards are based on extensive field trials last winter among several DRB customers across the Mid-West. We first developed four separate recipes into feed boards and gave those out to select customers in different locales, from cold to more mild winter climates.  There was one recipe that was the overwhelming winner! That  recipe is now being offered in our DRB Winter Feed Boards (DRB-WFB).  

DRB-WFB are to be used for emergency feeding of beehives in cold winter months.  If you feel your hive may not have enough stores to get through winter (or you just want an insurance policy) place the feed board on after daytime temperatures are consistently below 50 degrees F.  In our area, we put ours on between Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

Our DRB-WFB for 10 frame hives is ten pounds of feed (8 lbs. for the 8 frame boards)! That's double what most of our competitors offer.  It has a full inch of insulation and helps protect against moisture in the hive. Simply place it on top of the hive instead of the inner cover.  Top with your lid and your hive is set for the long winter months. If your bees devour the original feed before winter's end, the board can be re-filled with our dry mix that you simply add the wet ingredients to at home.  

Give us a call to order or order on-line. Your bees will 'bee' happy you did!