About Us

Thank you for visiting Dogwood Ridge Bees. We are Duane and Kimberly Davis, and we are beekeepers.  We have maintained multiple hives (currently about 100) since 1983.  Our love of bees and beekeeping prompted us to open Dogwood Ridge Bees in April 2017. We started by selling honey at our local farmers market where we had to have a "Farm" name.  We live on a ridge covered with dogwood trees and hence Dogwood Ridge Farm was born.  While setting up at the farmers market, we would constantly get questions like: "Do you have an extra hive body you would sell me?", or "Where can I find some frames this weekend?", or ultimately, "Why don't you start a store where I can come buy supplies?"  Hmm... good idea! And that's how "Dogwood Ridge Farm" became "Dogwood Ridge Bees".

Duane grew up around bees and Kimberly supported him with this endeavor shortly after they were married.  Their love of the hobby has dictated much of what they have done since.  They are always looking for new products or listening to fellow beekeepers to develop new products like the DRB Multi-guard which Duane developed in late 2017. 

DRB holds free beekeeping classes at various times throughout the year. Like and follow us on Facebook (there is a link on our homepage) or follow our blog on this website for dates and times.  Join us for a future class to learn about bees, give your input, enjoy a snack, and visit with beekeeping peers. We love talking bees and helping others feed their passion for beekeeping. 

DRB strives to provide for all your beekeeping needs.  If  there is a product you don't see on our website, give us a call or use the "Contact Us" link on the website, and we will check into the product.  We are a small family run business, but our love of bees and passion for beekeeping and our fellow beekeepers drives what we do.  We appreciate your business!