• Complete Colorado Bee Vac

    Complete Colorado Bee Vac

    The Colorado Bee Vac is the world's leading bee hive relocation vacuum, trusted by professionals while still simple enough to use by the hobbyist. Chock full of functional design, the vacuum was carefully crafted and tested to effectively capture bees...

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  • Ø Fiber Swarm Trap

    Ø Fiber Swarm Trap

    Great "home" for swarming colonies and wild bees. Designed to mimic a hollow tree, it is a favorite home for swarms. This Swarm Trap is constructed of a molded fiber that will hold up through many swarm seasons. Use with swarm lure ( such as Swarm...

  • Swarm Commander Vial, 5 pack

    Swarm Commander®, Vials

    Swarm Commander™ Crush Vials are an easy way to bait your swarm traps. Simply remove the vial from the package. Crush the vial in the middle until the internal glass vial breaks and the swarm commander fluid is released. Allow the fluid to...

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  • Swarm Commander 2 oz. spray bottle

    Swarm Commander® 2 oz. Spray

    Swarm Commander, Premium Swarm Lure, is an effective lure that helps you attract and capture swarms in your apiary. Just one or two sprays will entice a swarm into your trap! Spray onto trap lid or into back of trap (DO NOT OVER SPRAY). Store in a...

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