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  • DRB's exclusive winter feed is available for refilling winter feed boards

    Winter Feed Board Refill, 10 lbs.

    Our Winter Feed Board Refill is available with 10 pounds of feed for use in your feed board or DRB's WFB (item # 621WFB or 621WFB-8).  This feed is high carb, low protein for keeping your colonies well-fed over the long winter months. DRB's...

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  • one quart plastic feeder jar

    Plastic Feeder Jar, One Quart

    This clear plastic feeder jar holds one quart of feed.  It is great for use with our Boardman feeder (item # 602) and works with our feeder cap (item # 602L). Can be used as replacement jar for jar-top internal feeders (such as DRB's item # 605...

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  • Reusable Beetle Trap, open Reusable Beetle Trap, open

    Beetle Trap, Reusable

    Clear, reusable small hive beetle trap. Trap is 9" long, just over 1" wide, and almost 1 1/2" deep.  Just fill 1/3 to 1/2 way with vegetable oil and add a few drops of vinegar (either white or apple cider).  Place between the outer frames of...

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  • Varroa check for counting and monitoring mite levels in bee hives

    Varroa Check

    Varroa check allows you to check your hive utilizing an alcohol wash (most accurate) or powdered sugar shake. Instructions included with device, but a more detailed set of instructions follows: 2 Options for Testing: Option 1) Alcohol Wash*: An...

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  • Ø Fiber Swarm Trap

    Ø Fiber Swarm Trap

    Great "home" for swarming colonies and wild bees. Designed to mimic a hollow tree, it is a favorite home for swarms. This Swarm Trap is constructed of a molded fiber that will hold up through many swarm seasons. Use with swarm lure ( such as Swarm...

  • Bee bar plastic boardman feeder/feeder cap

    Bee Bar Plastic Feeder Cap

    The Bee Bar plastic feeder cap is made of durable plastic and won't rust or corrode when feeding your bees. It fits on standard feeder jars and may be used for Boardman feeders or top feeding. It is BPA free and dishwasher safe. It is an inexpensive...

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    5 gallon bucket Pro-Sweet Liquid Bee Feed

    Ø Pro-Sweet, 5 gallon

    Pro-Sweet liquid feed has both binomial (bees treat this like nectar) and monomial (bees treat this like honey) sugars.  It stimulates the bees to store it and helps your hive gain weight. Unlike sugar water, Pro-Sweet will not crystalize or ferment...

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