Beekeeping Tools

  • Ultimate Hive Stand Ultimate Hive Stand details

    Ultimate Hive Stand

    The Ultimate Hive Stand holds your hive 12" off the ground for an optimum working height.  The plastic frame holder can be mounted on either side and gives you a safe place to hang your frames while performing inspections. Heavy plastic design won't...

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  • Bottom board cleaner in use Bee Smart Design fact sheet.

    Bottom Board Cleaner

    This handy bottom board cleaner is low-profile to remove dead bees and debris from your hive.  It works with both screened and solid bottom boards. It's easy grip handle and sleek design make it easy to use.    Made in USA!

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  • Frame cleaning tool

    Frame Cleaning Tool

    The wooden handle on this frame cleaning tool makes it easier to use and prevents finger pain often experienced when using wire type frame cleaning tools. The point makes it easy to clean grooves on the bottom, side, and top bars of frames. 

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  • nuc bee netting bag shown over ProNuc box Nuc net zipper detail

    Nuc Bee Net Bag

    A better way to transport 5 frame nucs. This nuc bee netting is perfect for transporting bees without the risk of escapees. Each bag fits over a 5 frame plastic nuc (such as: ProNuc or EZNuc).

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  • bee funnel for adding package bees to hive shown attached to front of beehive using included velcro straps

    Bee Funnel

    This corrugated bee funnel allows you to install package bees into your hive with minimal disruption to the bees. Simply remove the queen from the package and place her in your hive, pour a few bees over the queen to keep her warm, and place the package...

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  • 14 inch giant hive tool with pry end and double-hook end, for removing frames from beehives

    Hive Tool, Giant

    This 15" long hive tool allows for extra leverage when working in your hives. It features a scraper on one end and a double hook end for lifting frames from the hive. It is 1 1/2" wide at the pry end and 2 1/2" wide at the hook end. 

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  • aluminum box with flip-top lid for storing your beehive smoker without risk of igniting surrounding materials made in USA logo

    Aluminum Smoker Safety Box

    Our DRB smoker safety box prevents your smoker from causing harm when moving from bee yard to bee yard.  It is made of aluminum so it will never rust! Holds most 4x7 smokers. Measures: 12" wide x 12.25" tall x 6" deep. Proudly made in USA...