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Extracting Equipment

  • Lyson automatic uncapper for removing wax from honey frames. Lyson Automatic Uncapper contoller view.

    Ø Lyson Automatic Uncapper

    This Lyson AUTOMATIC uncapper uses hot water to uncap your honey frames. Water is circulated through the knives in a closed loop so there is no need to refill an external heater. The water temperature is adjustable from between 149º-203º F...

  • Lyson manual uncapper for uncapping honey frames.

    Ø Lyson Manual Uncapper

    This Lyson MANUAL uncapper allows you to put up to 5 frames in the loading rack at a time.  You then simply turn the crank to move each frame through the oscillating, steam-heated knives to neatly remove the cappings. Wax cappings fall into the tank...

  • Lyson stainless steel bottling valve

    Ø Lyson Dripless Bottling Valve

    This bottling valve fits tanks with a 1 1/2" sanitary fitting (all the Lyson equipment we sell has this fitting) without any modifications. It will also fit to any Lyson equipment that has a stainless steel honey gate.  It can also be fitted to...

  • Lyson 18 gallon, stainless steel, water-jacketed bottling tank Lyson 18 gallon, stainless steel, water jacketed bottling tank

    Ø Lyson 18 gallon Water Jacketed Bottling Tank

    Lyson products are quality made in Europe. This stainless steel tank, is acid resistant and holds 18 gallons of your honey. It liquefies honey as well as serves as a bottler.  Adjustable 2000 watt, 240V element uniformly warms your honey for faster...

  • Lyson stainless steel uncapping tank Lyson stainless steel uncapping tank

    Ø Lyson 28 frame Uncapping Tank

    This Lyson 28 frame Stainless Steel Uncapping Tank, is quality made in Europe. It features all stainless steel construction body with painted steel legs.  It holds 28 frames until ready for extracting. Other features: Reinforced stainless steel...