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Pest Management

  • Disposable beetle trap that is easy to use.

    Beetle Blaster, Disposable Beetle Trap

    This beetle trap is easy to use. Just fill the trap half-way with cooking oil and hang in the hive between tow frames.  As the beetles are chased by the bees, they dive into the trap to hide.  The oil prevents them from re-emerging. When the...

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  • FormicPro Strips (4)

    FormicPro Strips (4)

    FormicPro strips are made of a plant based gel containing formic acid.  Strips are placed in the hive to control Varroa mites. Follow package directions. Contains 4 strips. 

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  • alt="Mite Master mite counting kit complete with mite counting jar & screen, spray bottle, powdered sugar, measuring cup, tub, and instructions for counting mites in beehives"

    Mite Master-Mite Monitoring Kit

    Our mite monitoring kit includes everything you need to do a mite count in your hives: measuring scoop, powdered sugar, screened jar, spray bottle, instruction sheet, and handy storage tub.  You provide water and the bees. 

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  • 1 lb. Paramoth Crystals to protect empty hives from wax moths.

    Paramoth Crystals

    Use Paramoth Crystals when storing hives with comb to protect them from wax moths. Hives will need to be aired out for a few days before use.  NEVER use in an active hive. 1 lb. 

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