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For the Beekeeper: Books and more

  • The Fresh Honey Cookbook front cover shows a honey dipper dripping honey into a glass jar

    The Fresh Honey Cookbook (book)

    The Fresh Honey Cookbook gives you 84 recipes for using your delicious honey harvest. It includes honey varieties, tasting tips, and recipes. Color pictures throughout.  From the cover: "Sweeten your Table", Honey through the seasons", "84...

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  • Sweet Remedies book front cover shows woman mixing honey and herbs

    Sweet Remedies (book)

    Sweet Remedies gives recipes and ideas for incorporating your delicious honey into your daily diet for nutritional value and its health benefits. It includes recipes, remedies, tips, and more. Color pictures throughout.  From the cover:...

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  • 100 Plants to Feed the Bees front cover

    100 Plants to Feed the Bees (book)

    100 Plants to Feed the Bees gives guidelines for what plants best benefit bees and other pollinators.  It includes plant facts, suggested uses, regional growing zones (for the US), and pollinators attracted by the plant. Color pictures...

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  • Brightly colored Homegrown Honey Bees book front cover

    Homegrown Honey Bees (book)

    Homegrown Honey Bees gives you essential information to get you started in beekeeping. It includes information on equipment, inspecting hives, hive management, and more. Color pictures throughout.  From the cover: "An absolute Beginner's...

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  • The Backyard Beekeeper book alt="The Backyard Beekeeper table of contents"

    The Backyard Beekeeper (book)

    The Backyard Beekeeper, 4th edition, by Kim Flottum (2018) Paperback Color illustrations 240 pages  In this guide to guide to beekeeping, the author gives expert advice for: Setting up and caring for your beehives Selecting the best...

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